20. Oktober 2023    
20:00 - 22:00


Heile Welt
Hörsterstraße 33, Münster, 48143

Someone says he’s half beast and half man, son of a thunderous crash between lysergic hallucinations and brutal reality, a psycho race to a tragic end.
The truth is…One Horse Band happens to be the loudest one man band on planet earth, standing on the verge of human abyss with his unique blend of alternative rock, post-punk anger and raw blues reminiscence.
Based in Milan – Italy, he released three albums so far: Let’s Gallop! In 2017, Keep On Dancing in 2019 and Useless Propaganda in April 2023.
One Horse Band has played hundreds of shows, sharing the stage with Jack Broadbent, Bob Log III, Flamin Groovies and taking part in iconic festivals like Printemps des Comédiens in Montpellier, Trashylvania in Prague and Festival Beat in Salsomaggiore.
Through the years One Horse Band has constantly overstepped every barrier in the one man band niche, destroying cliches and proudly embodying both animal’s wilderness and brittleness of human nature.

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