TISDASS (NER) + The Dynamic Shuttlecocks


20. Oktober 2023    


Hafenstrasse 64, Münster, 48153

Tisdass is the band of singer-guitarist Moussa Kildjate Albadé. Based in Niamey and originally from Tchintabaraden, the emblematic town of the Tamasheq kel of Niger. The meaning of the band is „Pillars“ in the Tamasheq language and refers to the pillars housing the traditional Berber tents. This name is the sign of a strong attachment to a culture that TisDAss intends to defend and make known through the power of music.

Growing up to the sounds of Tinariwen, Bob Marley or Dire Strait that his father listened to, the desire to fight with words and guitars came after a trauma. As a child, he saw his country’s army slaughter part of his family, even though they were singing about the freedom of a people and the hope of better days for a thousand-year-old culture.

He understands that weapons only bring unhappiness and, like the pioneers of Tuareg blues, he learns the guitar and writes songs to make peace and independence possible for his people.

+ The Dynamic Shuttlecocks:

„Hey there! We’re five Dudes from Münster (Germany) who started to make music together back in 2021.
Two years and some concerts later we land on planet Spotify.
Our music bring you a mix indie, blues, rock, pop but is not limited to one of those. Immerse yourself with our groovy rhytms and our rousing melodys and let yourself be inspired by our musical diversity. We keep the dynamic up and just do whatever fits us to bring a good vibe! Our stories are about galactic races or muddy witch clays, just to name two examples.
So come aboard, take a seat and join our journey!