Unida + Roadkill Soda + Inhale The Gray


4. November 2023    


Hafenstrasse 64, Münster, 48153

Unida: Low Desert Icons head into 2023 full steam ahead.
California in the mid 1990s was a hot bed of talent and gave rise to a great many bands, most notably Kyuss. After the break-up of Kyuss, vocalist John Garcia reached out to fellow locals Arthur Seay and Miguel Cancino, who he appreciated as excellent musicians after some time with a group called Slo-Burn ( Slo Burn played Ozzfest in 1997, before splitting in 1998). Unida would form shortly after.

Unida’s original lineup would consist of Garcia (vocals), Seay (guitar), Cancino (drums) and Dave Dinsmore (bass). One of the band’s earliest known live shows was in February 1999, at Spaceland in California, supporting Nebula.

In 1999, Unida appeared on a MeteorCity split CD release with the Swedish band Dozer, the Unida portion of which was titled The Best of Wayne-Gro. Later that year, they released their debut full-length album, entitled Coping with the Urban Coyote, on Man’s Ruin Records.

It has quite a storied history since those early days. ( for more detail see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unida

2022: Unida reformed for a European tour long delayed by Covid. Including the festivals Tabernas, Desertfest, Into the Void + Keep it Low, the band would also visit Italy and the UK. Unida had assembled a very new lineup — the first not to feature Garcia on vocals (with the role instead going to Mark Sunshine from Riotgod) and the first to feature Collyn McCoy (from the Ultra Electric Mega Galactic) on bass. It was quite well received the new line-up. Watch the full Into the Void set here: https://youtu.be/R5qmfK_rEks

+ Roadkill Soda:

Rock’n’Roll with an attitude

+ Inhale The Gray:
Heavy Stoner Rock band from Münster